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  • icon 1. Blend Malibu, Midori and 1 scoop of ice until a liquid. 2. Seperatly, blend the Straberries, the strawberry Liqueuer and another large scoop of ice untill icy. 3. Pour the first mixture into a 10oz Hurricane Glass. 4. Pour the second mixture on top of the first, make sure they remain seperate (the second mixture should be layered atop the first one, they souldn't mix much) 5. Use the remining Strawberry, cut a slit in it and place it on the rim of the glass to garnish and stick a little umbrella through it. Don't forget a straw. That's it, enjoy your cold icy cocktail!

    The cocktail, when made will have 2 distinguishable colors. Green on the bottom and a pink layer on top of it. Though this is good for presentation, the green layer is quite strong, I suggest stiring with the straw a little before drinking to mix the two together. Staggaz

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