Pom-Pom Cocktail Recipe

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Pom-Pom Cocktail Ingredients


  • icon Mix all ingredients in a glass, add a couple ice cubes if desired. May alter proportions to personalize (stronger/weaker/etc). For more flavour, use lemon-flavoured vodka in addition to lemon juice. Best if made by the pitcher and left in fridge for a couple hours.

    I created this little recipe because I tasted pomegranate juice, and thought it would be a better mixer than cranberry juice (too sour for my preference). A number of drinks that call for cranberry you can substitute pomegranate for. Careful though, as the taste of the juice and the lemon masks the "flavour" of vodka... Mixed just right and you'll have three or four and won't feel it 'til it's too late.

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